Only One of them Uses Colgate · CR607

Only One of them Uses Colgate


Kinkell, Scotland


Oil on canvas

32 x 36 inches

BFA Ed Oct 2004 Kings College Cambridge Spike Gallery Globe Gallery, Newcastle

What has happened to my American Starlets of the early 1960’s? Evidently some of them have joined the US Army. Here is one gesticulating triumphantly over the battered corpse of a dead Iraqi in Abu Ghraib Prison. She wears rubber gloves to protect her hands, but not from domestic dirt. She looks as if she might be an ad for toothpaste. We know the American dental fetish for perfect teeth. There is a marked difference between hers and those of the victim. The corpse was wrapped in what appears to be an Arab Airlines plastic bag. I took the liberty of substituting the Colgate logo in commemoration of Bush’s immortal words at his first press conference with Blair. When asked what they could possibly have in common, he replied, “We both use Colgate”. Even so, and as one would expect, Bush’s teeth are far more even and white than Blair’s.