Gerald Laing

1936 - 2011

An Introduction to

the major periods of his work

Early Pop Paintings

1962 - 1965

As one of the original wave of Pop artists Gerald Laing produced some of the most significant works of the British Pop movement. His paintings reproduced images of popular heroes such as starlets, film stars, drag racers, astronauts and skydivers. His 1962 portrait of Brigitte Bardot is an iconic work of the period and regularly features in major Pop retrospectives alongside Lincoln Convertible from 1964, a commemoration of the assassination of JFK.

Utopian Abstract Sculpture

1965 - 1970

From 1965 Gerald Laing's painting evolved into abstract sculptures using the techniques and materials of car customisation - lacquering, spray-painting and chrome-plating on metal.

Sculpture in the Landscape

1970 - 1973

A move from New York to the Highlands of Scotland in 1970 saw Gerald Laing's sculpture respond to the beauty, roughness and power of the surrounding landscape.

Galina Series

1973 - 1980

A move Inspired by the figurative sculpture of the First World War Artillery Memorial at Hyde Park Corner, in 1973 Gerald Laing began to model in clay and cast in bronze. The Galina Series and associated sculptures were his first works from this period.

Public Sculpture

1972 - 2010

Public sculptures include the the Bank Station Dragons; the Rugby Sculptures at Twickenham Stadium; the Cricketer at Lords; the Highland Clearances Memorial in Helmsdale, Sutherland and Axis Mundi in Edinburgh.

Portrait Heads

1982 - 2007

Gerald Laing's portrait work includes heads and reliefs of Luciano Pavarotti, Andy Warhol, Paul Getty and Sam Wanamaker.

War Paintings

2002 - 2005

The Iraq war and the publication of images of torture at Abu Ghraib prison drew Gerald Laing back to painting for the first time in over three decades. The War Paintings series sees the starlets and all-American heroes of his early paintings take on new, more sinister roles.

Later Pop Paintings

2004 - 2011

Returning to the style and subject matter of his early pop art paintings, Gerald Laing's latest paintings feature media images of contemporary celebrities including Amy Winehouse and Kate Moss.


Lincoln Convertible, the only known contemporary painting of the assassination of US President John F Kennedy in 1963, has gone on display at Tate Britain in London to mark the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s death on 22nd November 1963. The painting, currently owned by the artist’s estate, is on loan to Tate. It recently featured in ‘When Britain went Pop’, the acclaimed show of British Pop Art at Christiies’ new Mayfair gallery. The artist viewed it as one of his most significant works.
More about Lincoln Convertible
Lincoln Convertible screenprint (available for sale)


Gerald Laing’s striking image of Brigitte Bardot, painted while still a student at St Martin’s College in the 1960s and perfectly capturing the spirit of the age, sold at auctioneer Christie’s in London yesterday evening for a record £902,500, far in excess of any previous price paid for one of Laing’s works. Laing originally sold the painting to a private collector soon after it was created in 1963 for £40, and although widely exhibited, it had remained with the same owner since then.

More about the painting

From the auction catalogue.

An audio description of the painting from the Christie’s website.

Jean Harlow Print

Jean Harlow Screenprint by Gerald Laing, 2011

Last year Gerald Laing produced the silkscreen print Jean Harlow in conjunction with St Pancras Editions. It is based upon his 1964 painting Jean Harlow which can be seen in the St Pancras Hotel art collection.

It is a fifteen colour silkscreen print with hand applied platinum leaf and silver-dollar foil. Prints from the edition of 200 are available from St Pancras Editions

AA D Sale at Christie’s

AA-D by Gerald Laing, 1964, Oil on canvas. CR036

Gerald Laing’s 1964 painting AA-D was sold for £385,000 ($606,769) at Christie’s on 23 May 2012.

View details of the sale.

A 1968 screenprint of AA D is still available for sale. View details here.

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Gerald Laing Talks about Amy Winehouse

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